Vanishing Light
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16.04.2013 в 13:46
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Toradora: The adventures of a tsundere and a delinquent
Clannad: The adventures of a dandere and a delinquent
Mirai Nikki: The adventures of a yandere and a loner
K-On: The adventures of five lesbians
Black Rock Shooter: The adventures of even more lesbians
Girls Bravo: The adventures of the most lesbians you'll find in an anime
Mayo Chiki: The adventures of a girl with a cross dressing fetish and a gay guy
Angel Beats: The adventures of dead people
Boku no Pico: The adventures of a young boy in search of his true identity. He set off to live with his grandpa, where his life changed forever. In his journey he must overcome hardships and learn the pain of betrayal and unrequited love. His quest ends in a beautiful cliff hanger, leaving the audience to ponder their life choices. Truly magnificent.
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